What Ofsted said about our project in Brent during an inspection on      

19th - 20th June 2013

Parents value services and staff highly. The outstanding work with fathers encourages a growing number to enjoy, understand and take part in their children’s learning and development. 

We have just begun our 4th year of commissioned work in the borough of Brent. It's been an amazing challenge which has given us the ability to create a more comprehensive approach to the way children and family services fathers.

Being re-commissioned for a fourth term is undoubtably a testimony to the work we have carried out over the last 3 years.

Having been offered a 4th term is very positive we take the view that there is still much more work to be done and we are extremely excited about the opportunity to continue to support fathers in the borough where the founder of father figure was raised.

What does Father Figure do in Brent?

We support the development, planning and delivery of services to Fathers and Male carers to meet the needs of children aged predominantly 0-8yrs and their families.

What are our Key Tasks?

  • To establish networks of support for Fathers and Male carers  including group sessions that build confidence, social and recreational opportunities for fathers, including activities for fathers and children together.

  • To develop, train and support a programmers of Fathers Champions in the Borough

  • To provide 1 – 1 support for Fathers and Male carers as appropriate and as agreed with the CAF co-ordinator.

  • To prepare CAFs and other documents to assist Fathers and Male carers to access support and services as required

  • To effectively signpost Fathers and Male carers, to other agencies that will support their individual needs

  • To work with Fathers and Male carers to enhance childcare skills and promote early learning development


  • To provide support to Fathers and Male carers to help them access wider opportunities in education, work and volunteering.


  • To provide a range of activities within various community settings to reduce isolation and to promote understanding of the needs of children.


  • To compile reports under the direction of the Children's Centre fathers lead professional

  • To work in partnership with a variety of agencies.

  • To follow Council Procedures regarding childcare policy, child protection and professional recording.

  • To attend and take part in meetings, seminars, training sessions and working groups as required.

  • To keep accurate and detailed records of any work undertaken and compile reports relating to the safeguarding of children as needed. 





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Definition of A Father Figure

A father figure is usually an older man, often one in a position of power or influence, who arouses emotions usually felt for a person's father, and with whom a person identifies.

Father figure is seeking to combine honest messages and social media to reach out to men with positive advice. We will host events and work in partnership with individuals, groups and organisations to promote positive fathering.

Father Figure is aware of the impact that a positive father figures can have on the lives of children.  

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