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Father Figure is a network and resource for fathers.

We promote positive fathering, working with individuals, groups and organisations.

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Having recognised the lack of support available to fathers, we setup and deliver various pieces of work to achieve our goal of positive parenting and better outcomes for children.


We consult, plan and deliver various activities that will support the engagement of father figures with their children to build strong long lasting healthy relationships.



We work in a 1:1 capacity with men where it is acknowledged by statutory services that support is required in order to safeguard the healthy up bringing of a child.


Parenting Programmes

We deliver accredited and evidence based parenting progrmmes to support the long-term abilities and education of fathers.

Here's what Ofsted said about our  Brent based projects.

Willesden Locality - June 2013

Parents value services and staff highly. The outstanding work with fathers encourages a growing number to enjoy, understand and take part in their children’s learning and development. 

Kingsbury Locality - October 2013

Fathers benefit from a well coordinated and popular group that promotes healthy living and increases their involvement in their children’s physical and emotional development. 

Support at Court - Mckenzie Friend service

Have you been denied access to your child?

A McKenzie Friend is a non-legally qualified person who can sit with your during a court a hearing – not as a representative but to offer advice and assistance.

We are currently working with : 

Local Authorities:

Brent  - Children's Centres 

           - Early Help teams & Family Solutions team

           - Social care



Hackney – Tyssen Children centre & SHG housing association


The Hyde – Barnet 

The Orion – Barnet  

Gold Beaters – Barnet 

Mitchell brook – Brent

Leopold - Brent


Housing Associations:

Hyde Housing 

Fair Share  

Southern Housing Group (SHG) 






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Definition of A Father Figure

A father figure is usually an older man, often one in a position of power or influence, who arouses emotions usually felt for a person's father, and with whom a person identifies.

Father figure is seeking to combine honest messages and social media to reach out to men with positive advice. We will host events and work in partnership with individuals, groups and organisations to promote positive fathering.

Father Figure is aware of the impact that a positive father figures can have on the lives of children.  

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