Father Figure Saturdays includes activites such as cooking lessons and arts and crafts projects

A new project to support fathers with parenting will be launched in Stonebridge on Father’s Day tomorrow (Sunday).

The project, Father Figure Saturdays, will help fathers with children under eight spend quality time together by participating in a range of father son activities.

A host of activities will feature in the twice monthly sessions including swimming, arts and crafts and cooking lessons.

Fathers will also have the chance to be part of a fathers group to share their parenting experiences and discuss topics in a confidential and safe space.

David Mullings is the founderof Father Figure

David Mullings, the director of Father Figure who developed the scheme, said they hoped to ‘boost the self esteem’ of father’s in the borough.

He said: “We want to get fathers more involved with their children, help them recognise their strengths and see how they can positively contribute to their children’s education.

“We also want to raise awareness as to why this service exists as parenting services are largely dominated by women, and fathers may not feel comfortable to attend.”

The scheme will launch at Stonebridge Recreation Ground in Hillside, Stonebridge, on Sunday from 12-3pm.

The project is supported by the Harmony and Curzon Crescent Children’s Centres and hopes to reach at least 50 fathers.

Father Figure, launched last year, aims to promote positive fathering through working with individuals, groups and organisations.





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Definition of A Father Figure

A father figure is usually an older man, often one in a position of power or influence, who arouses emotions usually felt for a person's father, and with whom a person identifies.

Father figure is seeking to combine honest messages and social media to reach out to men with positive advice. We will host events and work in partnership with individuals, groups and organisations to promote positive fathering.

Father Figure is aware of the impact that a positive father figures can have on the lives of children.  

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